Man Up


  John C. Puritz is on a mission, and he’s calling out men in the 21st century to stand up and lead. With over 25 years of teaching, mentoring, and coaching experience, John wants to educate, equip, and empower today’s man to “Man Up” and learn how to become the amazing man God created him to be! Drawing from both the Old and New Testaments, and from personal experiences, John provides a fresh perspective on how to live and lead in today’s world. Whether you are a husband, father, or a young man just beginning your journey, here you will find an engaging book on how to tap into what already exists and learn how to play full out in your life. For wives and mothers, John helps to shed some light on what society is trying to take away from the men you love so much. "Man Up, Already!" will inspire you to powerfully move forward in your life.  

Man Up

My Journey

Its' a lie......

You know, "Go to school. Get good grades. Get a good job."

It's a lie. And the crazy thing is......Everyone believes it.

You see, I followed that plan. And I followed it to the letter. I worked really hard, 5 years in fact, to get my Bachelors of Music from Manhattanville College, in Harrison N.Y. I then began a teaching career in music and worked my way up from private elementary school teaching socially and emotionally disturbed children, to public middle school and high school. All the while, working hard to get my Masters Degree in Teaching from Sacred Heart University, in Fairfield CT. In fact, I received high honors on both degrees. 

Get good grades? Check!

Get a good job? Check!

In 1999, I got the "dream job". I was running a high school music program in Stamford, CT. My wife Tricia and I bought a house, had our daughter Sofia and we worked REAL hard.

Tricia worked, Sofia went to day care, and I spend 12-15 hours a day, 6 days a week building a music program with the focus on "someday".

In 2002, I received my masters degree and "someday" arrived. You know what that day is right? It's the day you can financially breath again. The day you can start living better. And we did. We ate out. We started working on the house. We got connected to a great church. And then......We had Ethan. We were overjoyed. And 2 months later he went into day care and it threw us financially back 5 years. 

Time to climb the down escalator all over again. 

So, let's take inventory...

We did EVERYTHING we were told to do. We followed the plan......And it didn't work

So, we left it. We sold our house. Packed everything up and moved to Florida and started to live.

We found out that the successful, the wealthy, the upper class thought differently, acted differently, and lived differently and we wanted the same thing. 14 years later, with many ups and downs, twists and turns, we have learned that it's all an inside job. It's all in our head.

You want a great life? It's out there waiting for you to take it.

You want prosperity? It's one emotional goal away.

You want health & wellness? One decision backed by discipline can bring everything you want right to you!

I want to help you learn to BE your best self first, so that you can DO all the things your best self does, and then HAVE all the things your best self has.

Will it be hard? Yup!

Will it be life changing? You bet!

Will it be worth it? If you learn to play full out in your life, you will learn to live a life that is fuller, more passionate, more beautiful, and more fully expressed than you can possibly imagine

Let's GO!